Wow, What a Dirty lil Jemma Jey Kinda Day!!!!!

Had a wickedly dirty day at one of my studio’s today and can’t wait to share it all with you on the website.

We started off doing a few magazine, open leg sets for my photographer, in a wicked new studio for me. It has really high ceilings and big windows, with lot’s of natural daylight… so all that heat was making my skin extra hot, my pussy extra juicy and the sunshine was making me evan hornier than normal!! So after all that poseing and pussy flashing, I couldn’t wait to swap things around and get down to shooting what dirty things I wanted to do for my website in return…..

Unfortunately my lil off-screen girlfriend couldn’t make it as she was ill (we’ll be shooting in a couple of weeks), so it came down to extra full on solo filth. Being a lil frustrated, I was more dominant than normal, dressed in a dirty PVC mistress outfit and shouting lots of dirty lil wanking instructions to the up-coming viewers, in between teasing and bringing myself off of course!!

Orgasm number one down and still feeling horny in the sunlight, so I did a bedroom set for all my peeping tom’s, playing with my beads and toy. Orgasm 2 down and time for desert…

…so I decided to coat myself in cream, lick a load off, rub it all in and bring myself to orgasm number 3…. Jemma Jey officially satisfied and mission accomplished, tee hee ;)

Also did a cheeky rock chick pic set with a guitar which were kinda cool too. Should all be on the site soon.

Just about to take a long bath and clean up, so will love and leave you all for now. My latest lil off-screen girlfriend hasn’t got away with being ill either… we’re shooting in a couple of weeks… so guess we have to get plenty of practice together in the mean time… all for the good of the video of course ;)

About to hit the bubbles in my bath… and maybe orgasm number 4, ha ha!!! Back on the show tomorrow night for the whole weekend, can’t wait!

Catch you all soon,
JJ xxxxxxxxxx

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84 Responses to Wow, What a Dirty lil Jemma Jey Kinda Day!!!!!

  1. graham holland says:

    hey jemma how are you today i am fine had a busy day at work as always take care my blonde goddess from your wolves boy graham holland 1 trillion kisses

  2. matty says:

    Hiya Jemma,

    Jemma hun thanks for answering my last query, it is satisfing to know that you have taken the time to read it and then to answer. Can you promise me and alot of others that you and that slut of yours will not tire yourselfs out to much, we want some of that action for our screens he he. I suppose you only need one room, because I bet the others are’nt being used much. Jem hun can you answer another question, what is going to happen to you when Amanda leaves for good next year, your not going with her are you, as you seem to do everything together. Also a little sneaky, but could you let on as to what Amanda is leaving to go into, if you can’t tell, at least give us a little clue, is she staying in the adult industry, or going for a complete career change.

    Look forward to seeing you, what is it five days straight, don’t know if I can last that long.

    Take care of yourself and Amanda

    Matty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Jason Shaw says:


    Hey Jemma

    You know that old saying, [ YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT GOES ON BEHIND CLOSED DOORS ] Well im sure me and the other guys on here have a pretty good idea,in fact ive got quite a naughty mental image on my mind right now ;)

    Well not only have i agreed to work saturday morning but for some reason unknown even to me i have agreed to start tomorrow at 4am [ I KNOW BABE - WHAT A TIME TO START EH ] So i guess that means i better have an early night,which i have nothing against of course,when the situation calls for it ;)

    It will be nice to have you back on the show on friday,but ill have to wait ubtil Saturday night i guess. I wonder if there will be another Babe Boy night,that seemed to go quite well,there were certainly plenty of female texters,speaking of Babe Boy [ LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY BASTARDS - ALL THAT PUSSY PLAY BEHIND THE SCENES - THEY MUST HAVE THE BEST JOB GOING ]

    Well babe i must go,make sure you and Amanda keep some energy in reserve for the show and what is it Jerry Springer used to say,thats it…………


  4. Jason Shaw says:

    PS – AMANDA – Please look after her eh,keep her safe and look out for her. Look after yourself too babe and make sure your both well and ready to come back.

  5. Jason Shaw says:

    PPS – AMANDA – If you dont then i will have to come down there,grab that paddle and give that little arse of yours a damn good tanning ;)

    OUCH !

  6. graham holland says:

    hey jemma how are today i am fine had a good day at work busy as always take care my blonde goddess from you wolves boy graham holland 1 trillion kisses

  7. dan ricketts says:

    hey jemma how are u today ive had a bit of a lazy day today hoping 2 see u on the show tonight and im going the birmingham vs aston villa derby on sunday hopefully it wil b the birmingham city fans celebrating on sunday night im also going on holiday on monday for 5 days i will blog u still on my laptop take care hunni lots of hugs and kisses from your birmingham city boy dan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ps graham good luck 2 the wolves tommorow

  8. Matty says:

    Hiya Jemma

    So you have managed to drag yourself away from Amanda, hope you have some energy for tonights show.

    Take care of each other

    Matty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Jason Shaw says:


    Hey Jemma

    Im sure she has exploded plenty of times over the last few days,considering you are the one with your finger on her button ;) LOL.

    So how are you both then babe,you ok,plenty of energy for tonight i hope. Boy i really wish i could tune in but like i said i got work in the morning so will have to wait until saturday,it means waiting an extra day but i can manage that.

    Did you enjoy your night out with the girls last night,bet there was plenty of naughty mischief going on with you lot ganging up eh. I feel sorry for some of those london boys and girls,you and amanda are a proposition just too damn hard to resist,the sight of you two sharing the same cock or licking on the same pussy WOW [ I GOT A MENTAL IMAGE RIGHT NOW ].

    Speaking of something hard,im struggling to keep my opens right now [ HA HA - YOU FILTHY MINX,WHAT DID YOU THINK I WAS GOING TO SAY ] so will have to say good night for now,have a great night on the show hun and i will get back to you later.

  10. Jason Shaw says:


  11. graham holland says:

    hey jemma thanks for the call tonight if i don’t ring i am sorry because i am tried it is not you and amanda making me tried oh no it is not it is me getting up at 6:45am in the morning monday to friday but i enjoyed that call alot so sorry sorry have a good night and take care my blonde goddess from your wolves boy ps will post the wolves score on the blog tomorrow 1 trillion kisses

  12. dan ricketts says:

    hey jemma looking good on babestation 1 tonight cant calll u as ive already got a massive phone bill i just wish there was some other way we could chat because in all honesty i have spent enough money phoning the show [ not having a go at you jemma or the producers] its just that i cant keep spending that sort of money 2 chat 2 you if thats the only way we can talk dont mean 2 sound nasty lots of love from your birmingham boy dan

  13. Ravencraft says:

    wow!!!!!!!!! jemma you were amazing, thank you for your reply it made my day to see myname in an entry by you, still fantasize about you stripping out of a tinkerbell outfit, is this just me? anyway credit where credit is due a spectacular start to what i am hoping is going to be the bestshow ever, p.s. i think you might have some competition another rendell babe giving a good show, but still you and the ‘A’bomb still my faves, lots of love and wet sticky things x

  14. graham holland says:

    hey jemma how are you today i am fine but i am a bit sad that wolves lost 3-1 to blackburn today take care my blonde goddess from your wolves boy graham holland 1 trillion kisses

  15. Jason Shaw says:


    Hey Jemma

    A major major morning glory,must have had something on my mind eh when I went to bed ;) . Either that or I had a dream about you two sharing something of mine. You’ve seen my pics babe so do you think I have enough for two [ HEH HEH ]

    Am actually looking forward to seeing you writhe around on screen,maybe you can give me a twitch tonight,or even a naughty wink.

    Are you wondering about me yet,what I look or sound like [ HA HA - HAVE TO KEEP YOU WAITING A WHILE LONGER ] You know the saying babe,good things come to those who wait ;)


    Feeling really horny right now,wonder if it will last till tonight,I wonder.

    Must go babe,hope you’re both okay and ill see you on screen later.

    Take care babe

    Luv ya !

  16. Jason Shaw says:

    PS – Looking forward to you trying to tempt me onto those phones.


    Wonder what you’ve got in store LOL

  17. Tony MrT says:

    Hi Jemma, just thought I’d pop by to thank you personally for your cock spurting performance in the classic vid “Amanda and Jemma Jey fuck II ” :P ………………needless to say, the fuckin tissues ran out again!, and had a grin like the Cheshire Cat that lasted for the next three days :D
    A big, big thank you from me Jemma ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tony MrT aka Amanda4me
    PS Hope Amanda has mentioned my “Amanda and Jemma in the shower” Idea ;)

  18. Rascal says:

    hi jem, very very filthy last night and look forward to more tonight

  19. Jason Shaw says:

    Hey Jemma

    Had a lovely afternoon at my brothers today,dont get to go over too much. I had one of those moments which im sure some of the other guys on here can relate to. I was playing with my niece,shes only four,playing the silly games you play with kids. Later on we were sat watching cbeebies [ BLOODY NIGHT GARDEN ] when she put her arm round me,cuddled me and said ” UNCLE JASON – I LOVE YOU ” I tell you babe,moments like that are just magical and your heart just melts.

    Looking forward to seeing you on whatever channel,might even check the web stream first,something i dont usually do. Ive got some credit now also so you might even get a cheeky text at some point.

    Take care babe

    Luv ya !

  20. Jason Shaw says:

    PS – And look at that,i even get the magic number 69 ;)

  21. graham holland says:

    hello jemma thanks for the calls tonight you were horny tonight at least i did call you back so i am happy take care my blonde goddess from your wolves boy graham holland 1 trillion kisses

  22. Jason Shaw says:

    Hey Jemma

    Yes babe that was my text on BS2 tonight,and i love a good tease. But youre gonna have to wait a while longer hun,cos theres plenty more teasing to come. By the time im done with you babe you will be desperate for me to get on that phone to you.

    That was one of the best sections i think ive ever seen you do,all pretty in pink. And as you know babe,i love a bit of pink ;) I also love to get very messy,and very carried away [ BUT YOU KNOW WHAT BABE - THATS FOR ANOTHER TIME ]

    Right now ive just got out of the shower,water is running down my body and my towel is struggling to contain my hot throbbing cock,what am i to do eh babe,and what would you do i wonder,i can but imagine,and boy can i imagine.

    Well its time to love you and leave you babe [ OR SHOULD THAT BE TEASE YOU - LOL ] as ive been UP since 4am and i really do need to get some sleep. [ HHHHMMMMM I WONDER WHAT ILL WAKE UP TO IN THE MORNING ] So i will take my very naughty thoughts to bed with me and i will get back to you later.

    You and the A Bomb take care babe

    Luv ya !

  23. Kev says:

    Saw ya last nite Jem, lookin luvly again as usual, didnt c u in ur boots tho, hope that will change 2nite, cos im fuckin gaggin for sum fun with ya!!!

    Speak 2 u later hun xxx

  24. Jason Shaw says:


    Hey Jemma

    I’m sending you this from my Blackberry so that means I can give you one anytime ;) [ DAY OR NIGHT - HEH HEH ] Well after 3wks on the day shift I’m finally back on lates [ 2pm - 10pm ] which means I can get home,have some tea,get settled then get you turned on and give you my attention ALL NIGHT LONG BABE ;) should I choose to.

    Well I’m looking forward to another great performance babe,I actually felt a little twitch last night but to get me hard watching Babestation will take quite a bit more,I usually wake up alert the morning after but I find Babestation nothing but tittilation [ MAINLY COS THAT'S ALL WE CAN SEE ] You know me babe,its all about the visual stimulation ;)

    That’s it for now babe so I look forward to turning you on tonight ;)

    You and the A BOMB take care hun

    Luv ya !

  25. dan ricketts says:

    hi jemma hope your ok im a bit down today as birmingham city lost there derby game 2 aston villa 1-0 hope 2 see u on babestation tonight as im going on holiday tommorow so wont b able 2 see u for 5 days but hopefully i will blog u everyday while im away take care hunni lots of hugs and kisses 2 u from your birmingham boy dan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  26. Jason Shaw says:

    PS – Usually I only watch you for one section,but after last night I think you’ll have to get a second helping ;)

  27. Jason Shaw says:


    Hey Jemma

    Have you ever reached a point where you felt so fucking horny that you just cannot contain yourself anymore,well i felt like that earlier on and i tried to do nothing,and BOY OH BOY WAS IT HARD ;) I reached a point where all i could think about was getting some,my cock was as stiff as i think ive ever seen it,there was certainly some precum on the end and my jeans were uncomfortably tight down there.

    In the end i thought [ FUCK - WHERES JEMMA JEY WHEN YOU NEED HER ] So i ended up having one of my messy ones ;) and getting quite messy and certainly very slippy,but at least i ended up relieved,if a little tired.

    You know babe,i think i may actually be as horny as you,if not more,and i dont know about you but after 2wks of teasing you on here i am starting to feel the stirrings of anticipation about me getting on the phone to you. What would you do eh if you answered the phone tonight and i was on the other end [ PUT IT THIS WAY BABE - I KNOW WHAT YOUD GET ].

    Well its that time again babe,time for me to go so i will look forward to seeing you on screen and now i can blog you anytime,anywhere,who knows where ill be next time im on here [ THINK ILL GIVE YOU ONE OVER THE TABLE IN THE CANTEEN - LOL ]

    As ever hun,you and the A BOMB take care

    Luv ya !

  28. graham holland says:

    hey jemma thanks for the call tonight i did promise to call you back i did i know it was early but like i said to you i have to be up at 6:45am in the morning you have a nice day off tomorrow take care my blonde goddess from your wolves boy graham holland 1 trillion kisses

  29. Jason Shaw says:

    Hey Jemma

    Just a quick an frantic one to say sorry babe,that text tonight was a crappy one and not up to my usual flirty standard. Think I must have worn myself out earlier ;)

    Better have a break I think and as I said to you in a previous post


  30. Jason Shaw says:


    Hey Jemma

    Have a great day off tomorrow,i think i need some time off as well,that crappy text has made me realise im in danger of becoming all blogged out. You wouldnt want me to start repeating myself would you. So if you dont see me on here for a few days then dont worry,ive not gone anywhere,im just taking a step back for while so i dont overdo it. Just been checking back on my previous posts and there seems to be quite alot,i never realised actually so think i better calm down a bit.

    I feel i should also apologize for the amount and frequency,i hope you dont feel its got a bit much,i genuinley did not realise just how many entries id made in what has only been a couple of weeks.

    You and the A BOMB take care and i promise ill calm down in the future,thats one of my problems you see,i always get carried away with things.

    Luv ya !

  31. graham holland says:

    hello jemma how are you today i am fine had a busy day at work as always hope you are having a good day take care my blonde goddess from your wolves boy graham holland 1 trillion kisses

  32. Rascal says:

    hi jemma hope you had a good weekend. you were so hot you made sky tv shut down on saturday lol

  33. Dixie says:

    Heh, over the weekend, Eutelsat, the company that owns the satellite that broadcasts the satellite signal for Babestation, other babe channels, TV channels and radio stations at 28.5 degrees had big problems keeping the broadcast satellite iin its normal orbital position some 28000 or so miles up in the sky, and Eutelsat suffered big problems keeping the satellite in control although they did by late yesterday fortunately win the battle!

    Was a big embarrasing though when some of the big-wigs from Eutelsat were at a very high profile trade show in Europe over the weekend trying to sell their satellite and up-link broadcasting services, and just the last thing they needed LOL!

    All back to normal now though.

  34. Richard aka dick4dani says:

    Hi Jemma,Just seen your video with Dani,You are one lucky girl and i am so jealous but great video and i had one hell wank over you two,Imagine me,you and Dani havin naughty fun together,You two suckin my big hard cock,Me eatin both your pussy and fuckin you two with my big hard cock and then share my spunk over you two,Just thinkin about it get’s me so horny,Anyway you take care,Love xxx

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