New fetish filth with Louisa Gold being added now, along with the long awaited orgasmic part 2 of my nurse video with Kayla ;)

Just been having a cheeky play over the new video myself so it’s Jemma Jey certified as orgasmic!!!! This is part 2 of the perverted nurse and horny patient video that I described previously. This time Kayla turns the tables on me, gets me soaking wet with a good pussy lashing and gets me cuming all over the fat purple dildo she happened to sneak in with her ;)

I’ve also added a teaser set of myself and Louisa Gold in kinky fetish gear, just to warm you up ready for the hot lil video I got coming with her soon, where things get a whole lot steamier!!

I’ve been told the set with Louisa will be live on this site this Thursday and the second nurses video will be live this Monday coming.

Thanks to my new members that have signed up over the past couple of weeks. Welcome to my dirty lil world!! Please do feel free to come and introduce yourself on this blog or ask me any questions (I always reply to every one within the blog post). Also, if there is anything you would like to see me do for this site. Most of the video’s and pictures on this site have come from your idea’s and requests. It’s your site after all :)

Hope you’re all staying as horny as fuck for me!! How are you all keeping??

I’m being whisked off out for dinner now, so have to love and leave you….. think I’m gonna offer myself up as desert, tee hee!!

Speak to you all soon.

Big luv,
JJ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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23 Responses to New fetish filth with Louisa Gold being added now, along with the long awaited orgasmic part 2 of my nurse video with Kayla ;)

  1. J.J. (male) says:

    ‘Jemma Jey certified as orgasmic’ do i ever watch any video that isn’t ;) can’t wait to see it
    hope all is happy and horny in your world :P chat to you soon
    J.J (male)

  2. graham holland says:

    Hello jemma here is the naughty novel you wanted me to write for you
    i decide to take a trip to london to watch wolves play and before i watch wolves play i decide to visit the champagne bar on the fifth floor of harvey nicks. i order a bottle of Veuve Clicquot 1998. you compliment me on my knowledge of vintage i then offer you a glass of Veuve Clicquot 1998 you like it and then you go out to the smoking terrace i follow you to the smoking terrace then you drag me onto the bench then you take my trousers then you suck on my cock and balls then i start to suck and play with your pussy then i sit on the bench and then you can ride my cock very rough and hard then you play with your pussy while i am fucking you rough and hard then i would turn you over and fuck that sweet ass of yours i would pull back your hair and ram my cock right in there and you can play with your pussy then when i am ready to cum i will cum all over your tits hope you like it jemma take care my special sexy champagne lady sending you 1 trillion kisses cuddles and hugs from your naughty novel boy and wolves boy graham holland xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx “

  3. Jason says:

    Looking forward to the next video Jemma x

  4. jemmajey says:

    Thanks for your messages boys. Teaser set with Louisa Gold is now on and hardcore nurses video is ready to go live…. hope it makes your hands as lively too, tee hee ;)

    Thanks for your spunkalicious novel G Man, keep the filth coming. Hope you’re looking after Amanda for me too ;)

    JJ male, long time no speak, of course I’m horny as ever still and keeping this pussy warm, ready for my return to Bang…

    Have you guys been watching the show?? I’m really looking forward to going back. Spoke to the lady boss today and she said due to the loophole they have found with Offcom, I’ll be able to let loose again when I’m back…. full on filthy Jemma Jey just like old times!!! Can’t wait!!!!

    Catch up with you all soon guys.

    Big luv,
    JJ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. DAVE A says:

    Hi Jemma , i’m glad your looking forward to returning to Bangbabes , i’m definitely looking forward to your return , Bangbabes has made great viewing these last few weeks , it’s been the best babe show by far, there is plenty of nakedness , even naked 2-4-1s with the girls licking cream off each others lady bits , last nights freeview show was also brilliant , Lucy Summers was naked and covered in oil , even Tori did a fantastic naked oil show on freeview , but the shows are still missing the special Jemma J style of naughtiness that only you are capable of . so lets hope Jade’s loophole lasts till your return because we all know what wankers Ofcom are , they are always changing the rules . DAVE A xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. PETER OSWALD says:

    hi gorgeous. counting the days till you appear on our screens again, April seems a long way off at the moment. Bangbabes is certainly a lot sexier just lately, more nakedness, and even a legs open, full pussy shot recently. I hope this is what you will be giving us when you return, because you are the queen of sex and tease ,with your “come to bed eyes” and “ever open thighs”. I still fantasize about you coming on screen fully dressed with stockings and suspenders and high heels and doing a slow, erotic strip-tease , ending up totally naked on your back, legs wide open. yum yum !!!!!! You said we can ask you anything, so ,what is the biggest cock you`ve ever had in your pussy? when did you last give a guy a wank? do you ever go out without knickers on?.and where is the most unusual place that you have been screwed?. BET YOU DON`T ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS. Bye for now, I shall look forward to your reply. Peterxxxxxxxxx(mr happy)

  7. jemmajey says:

    Hey boys, thanks for your messages. I’m glad you’re still chatting to me on here, I’m giving up on Facebook soon, I keep getting complaints and piccie’s removed, can see me being deleted soon, must be too bad for Facebook lol!!!

    Dave, glad you’re enjoying the show. I’ve seen a bit of the cream and pussy licking and I’m hoping to get a piece of that when I’m back…. you can’t beat a sweet, creamy pussy, tee hee!! Plus it’s always good to be able to give two fingers to Offcom ;)

    Peter, challenge accepted as usual, ha ha!! The biggest cock I’ve ever had, I was told by the owner it was over 11 inches and it was thick too….. didn’t think it would for in my lil pussy, but I do have a habit of swallowing them up ;) I often go out without knickers, always when I wear trousers and quite often when I’m out in skirts and dresses and feeling horny or I’m on the pull…. it always makes you feel a bit more sexual and you never know when you might wanna slip something up there in a public place!! I’ve done it in numerous clubs, beaches, random streets, toilets, roof tops, gardens….. me bad!! The most unusual was in an evening standard news box that we broke into, I don’t know if anyone else can claim that one!!!! I’ll arrange the strip tease for you too, but I’d keep the suspender belt and nylon stockings on with nothing else, think that looks sexy, but you’re still really naked :)

    Part 2 of the nurses video went on a few days ago, so hope you’re all enjoying it?? Next to go on is my set with a real dominatrix, loads of chains, whips, toys and me doing dirty and sexual favours as her sex slave. Will let you know when it’s on.

    Hope you are all well. Let me know how you’re are!!

    Big luv,
    JJ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. J.J. (male) says:

    hey jemma you sexy beast ;) i now find you even more sexy now you have shared this info with us, thank you for sharing the fact that you sometimes go out without any knickers on :P you have to let me know if you are ever out in liverpool city centre for a crazy night out, would love to get a picture with you ;)
    keep your whole world hot and horny you kinky bitch :P
    J.J. (male)

  9. PETER OSWALD says:

    hi gorgeous. thanks for answering my questions, I`ve just got a few more for you about your sexual preferences. what`s your favourite position for sex? what do you like a guy to do to you during foreplay?.is size important?what size give`s you most pleasure? do you do “golden rain”? when you meet a guy for the first time do you find that his eyes are always dropping down to your big boobs?.that`s enough for now , more later!!!. By the way Jemma, it looks like you have some serious competition on Bangbabes with the new big breasted girl that was on tonight. should be interesting!! I wish you could come back sooner. bye for now beautiful babe.xxxxxxxxxx Peter (mr happy)

  10. PETER OSWALD says:

    hi gorgeous. mr happy again!!. just following on from my message earlier this morning, a few more questions, but please Jemma , if you think I`m being too nosey just ,politely, tell me to SOD OFF. what would you not let a guy do to you?. when you play with yourself, or with a dildo do you “squirt”very often? what`s the longest time you`ve been without sex?. what do you wear in bed,( are you like Marilyn Monroe, who answered C HANEL No5) I`ve asked you this next question before, but I`ll try again will you ever make another D.V.D with Fiona Cooper? I keep on watching the two that you did and I enjoy the schoolgirl with your “uncle”sessions.I often wonder whether he did actually “do” you and then it was cut from the final D.V.D . Also have you done any other d.v.d`s that are available ?.Sorry Jemma so many questions, I hope I`m not becoming a pain in the rear !!! but I always say ,If you don`t ask you dont get.FINISHED .Look forward to your answers, big hug and tongue in mouth bye gorgeous PETERXXXXXXXXXXmr happy

  11. J.J. (male) says:

    hey jemma as long as everyone is getting questions in, i might as well ask one too, i know you mentioned it in your old interview video but i’d just like to know will there ever be a b/g scene you will be doing, preferably with that bloke you were told has the 11 inch cock, bet you’d love to film yourself fucking that again, i’d love for it to be filmed in a home made movie style ;)
    love to hear from you soon sexy :P
    J.J. (male)

  12. Iainpa69 says:

    Hi babe

    ur looking very sexy babe, my pierced cock loves ur sweet pussy xxx

  13. PETER OSWALD says:

    hi gorgeous. just one question Jemma. do you know what has happened to Bangbabes, because it has not been on Freeview for the last two nights. I`m wondering whether it`s been taken off because just lately the girls have been getting rather explicit and showing a bit too much , maybe ? hope you can answer or find out..Thank you squidgy pie. big hug and spanked bottom . Peterxxxxxxxxx (mr happy)

  14. DAVE A says:

    Hi Peter , not sure what’s going on at Bangbabes but they have had 2 of their 3 channels removed from Sky , they are presently just transmitting from Sky Ch 902 at night a channel they have leased from Playboy , Bangmedia have made no comment on this situation other than they hope to start transmitting again soon on Sky and freeview , there is talk on the uk babe forum that Bangmedia are in serious money trouble and haven’t been keeping up with their Sky air time rental payment so Sky have pulled the plug on their channels until they can find some cash , Some of the girls have mentioned how upset they are at having their shifts cancelled , so it looks like it is a good time for Jemma to be taking some time out away from the babe shows , hopefully Bangmedia will have got something sorted out by the time Jemma returns , but thing are not looking good at the present for Tease ME TV . DAVE A

  15. graham holland says:

    hello jemma how are you today here is another naughty comment for you to read how about a foursome you me Tony mr t and amanda you are all at a club having a great time and getting drunk then i come over to you and then get drunk and then we all go to tony place then amanda and tony play with their cock and pussy while you jemma starts to suck my cock and balls and then you and amanda come and suck my cock while tony is wanking and watching then i will fuck you first in the pusssy while you are sucking on amandas’s pussy while tony is playing with her tits then all change i am fucking amanda in the ass and you jemma is sucking on tonys cock then you are playing with your pussy and then i want each one of you riding on my cock while tony sits on my face and then when i am ready to cum i will cum all over you faces so all of you can taste me hope you like it jemma take care my special sexy lady sending you 1 trillion kisses cuddles and hugs from your naughty novel boy and wolves boy graham holland xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. PETER OSWALD says:

    hi gorgeous. first of all ,can I thank Dave for his explanation of why Bangbabes has been taken off air, I hope it`s not the demise of the best “girly” show on tv. lets hope some money appears from somewhere!!! I noticed that a new show started last night ” glamourchase”. WHY??. It`s the same girls doing the same boring routines. I`m sure that if you`re on the phone to the girl it is probably more sexy, but if your just watching it is SO BORING, what is needed is more girls like you Jemma, you put everything into entertaining us and you obviously enjoy what you do. for God`s sake hurry back because my “manhood” is shrinking through lack of use!!! when you do re-appear I shall remind you of your promise to do the strip-tease that I asked for. bye for now ,big hug and nipple tweak xxxxxxxxxPeter (mr happy)

  17. DAVE A says:

    Hi Peter , there may be a bit of good news on the Bangbabes front , “admin” from the uk babe forum has posted that Bangbabes may start to transmit its Sky and freeview channels again some time this coming Friday , this he says is unofficial but it is a genuine possibility , Bangbabes having money problems is just forum talk , the latest theory amongst forum members for the reason the channels are being prevented from transmitting on Sky and free view is that it if OFCOM that is responsible , they didn’t like this loophole that Bangbabes had found so they have closed it . Also i have to agree the channels are much better when Jemma is on them , she just loves to be has naughty as possible and give the best show she is allowed to . DAVE A . .PS here’s some kisses for you Jemma , looking forward to seeing you back on tv in April xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. gazzlad says:

    hi jemma dunno whats happened to your f/book account but if yopu have deleted it because of a certain comment made by a so called friend then i dont think you have any worries about what your fans might think, i wish you all the best x

  19. jemmajey says:

    Sorry I haven’t been on here for a few days guys, I’m away at the minute and haven’t been able to get on the internet.

    Pleased to see you have all been working very hard for me, in more ways than one, tee hee ;) Thanks for all your questions. I’ve decided to be a bit of a tease and make you wait a little longer for the answers…. it’s been nearly a year since I did my last video interview for this site, so I thought I should do a new one and answer all the questions on there. Please do add any further questions that you want to and I will get the interview put on here within the next few weeks. It will be worth the wait I promise!!

    Peter/Dave: Don’t worry about Bang Babes. I can’t add much more than Dave has, as the girls are barely given much more information than you are in these circumstances. However, I can say that I’ve been talking to the bosses over there and they are confident things will be sorted soon. They’ve also asked me to go in and meet them when I’m back to visit in London next month so as we can sort out my return to Bang in April!!!!!! So I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about :) You’ll still get that strip tease yet Peter!!

    Thanks for the naughty novel Graham. Gazzlad and Ian, big fat welcome to the blog!!!

    I got deleted from Facebook as my pictures were apparently too suggestive!!! I’ve just set a new one up so please do add me. It has a pic of me with an ice cream :) I won’t be chatting on there like I do on here though as I’ll only get kicked off again or have people abuse it lol! It’s good to have you guys chatting on here with me as I can be naughty lil self and not worry ;)

    Catch up with you very soon boys. Let me know how you are!!!

    Big luv,
    JJ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. jemma4eva says:

    hi jemma.
    thank you for accept me as a friend on fb i missed you not being on fb.

    i am very well but missing you loads not being on screen can not wait for your return.

    i hope you are looking after our toys.

    your big bad wolfie.

  21. DAVE A says:

    Hi Jemma and everyone , i just wish i had some good news , i have seen it broadcast on the news that Bangmedia have today had their licences revoked by Ofcom , Don’t know what this news means for your future return to the shows Jemma , Bangmedia are still currently broadcasting on the Playboy rented show but this may not be allowed for much longer , I am really gutted about this news and it is a sad day for the babe channels in general when Ofcom do this to a channel , Just hope you come back to one of the channels in the spring Jemma . DAVE A xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. PETER OSWALD says:

    hi gorgeous. I saw on the computer when a guy asked you if you did hard porn, you said “no I fuck for free”. Is that your motto ???. If so, the next time you are in Bristol give me a call, because I haven`t had a good fuck for a few years now ( I think I`ve forgotten what to do!!!) so I might need a lot of practice!!! although I might hold the Guiness Book of Records for wanking. but it`s not the same as sliding into a nice warm, wet, tight pussy.After you said that you have had 11 inches up your pussy, my little 7 inches would hardly touch the sides of your twat., at least it would be warm inside you on a cold winter`s night………SORRY Jemma I don`t know what came over me to write that , I`m normally a shy retiring guy!!! Fingers crossed for your return, and THAT striptease. Little joke for you; the government is thinking of putting explosives in tins of alphabet soup. But if one goes off it could spell DISASTER !!! Bye for now, big hug and stroked thigh…… Peterxxxxxxx (mr happy)

  23. Andy W says:

    Hey Jemma are you going to be doing anymore scenes with Louisa Gold? She is so hot & i loved watching her on Club Paradiso. It would be great if you two filthy girls got it on on camera.

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